Hi 👋

I’m a senior software engineer, has 10+ years in software development industry, very passionate about making software products, and spending majority of my time building advancedweb.dev

const contact = {
  dev: 'dev.to/hoangbkit',
  email: 'hoangbkit@gmail.com',
  twitter: 'twitter.com/hoangbkit'

Software Engineer

I started my career as an iOS engineer, then I transformed into a fullstack engineer to build more things individually. I have experiences working in both enterprises and early stage startups.

Currently I spend most of the time around JavaScript, React and Node. Now I can build a full-fledged product single-handedly including design, frontend, backend, mobile and devops.

Indie Maker

I’m a serious indie maker building many mobile apps and websites. The bar has never been lower to make a difference. As an indie maker, whenever I experience an issue or notice a problem I am interested in solving, I can get to work and develop a solution the next day.

Being a maker is all about building something that solves a problem, or brings happiness to other people. Inclusively is at the heart of everything I do. Being an indie maker is really simple, all I need is a laptop, and some free time and I can make something groundbreaking.


I want to be happy. I search for happiness not through things, but through life itself. By incorporating minimalism into my life, I’ve finally been able to find lasting happiness.

Minimalism has helped me live in the moment, create more, consume less, focus on our health, grow as individuals, rid myself of excess stuff, discover purpose in my life.