Hoangbkit is a blog site focused on creating high quality tutorials about fullstack JavaScript development.

We often write in-depth blog series and publish weekly. The purposes of writing series are to help us dig deep in particular topics and build quality free courses which you can’t find anywhere.

These series keep changing and evolving, we’d love you to read these original series regularly, to keep checking in and to browse unfamiliar series.

Hoang Nguyen

Hoang is the founder and main writer of this site. He is a senior software engineer with many years in web development, very passionate about making community sites, most of his exciting ideas are formed around this passion.

He started his career as an iOS engineer, then he transformed into a fullstack one to build more powerful products across platforms. He has experiences working in both enterprises and early stage startups, currently he spends most of his time around JavaScript, React and Node.

Connect with Hoang on Twitter, Dev, and Medium.