Today I Learned: Technical Writing

tilApr 13, 2020

I've been writing blog posts since 2017 but haven't learned technical writing properly as a writer

Should I Use a Static Site Generator

toolsMar 21, 2020

Short answer is yes, long answer is it depends on your content and expectation in terms of performance, SEO, cost, and developer experience

What is Static Rendering

webdevMar 20, 2020

Static rendering is a strategy that eagerly generates a separate HTML file for each URL ahead of time at build time

On Incompleteness of Prerendering

webdevMar 11, 2020

Prerendering is a rendering strategy when you pre-render your client-side rendered applications to feed crawlers better

Modern web rendering strategies

webdevMar 10, 2020

An overview of web rendering strategies like client-side, server-side, universal, prerendering, static, or rehydration

Server-Side Rendering (SSR)

webdevMar 06, 2020

Server-side rendering promises that you don’t have problem with search engines as the markup page guarantees to have good SEO every time

Client-Side Rendering (CSR)

webdevMar 03, 2020

CSR strategy has very good developer experience but the impact on SEO and user experience still concerned

WebAssembly - The next Big Thing in Tech

webdevMar 02, 2020

An overview of what WebAssembly (Wasm) is, how it works, and it's current position in the web development stack

What's Wrong with CSS?

cssMar 01, 2020

Some noted problems that might hold CSS back and open up new development of preprocessors or CSS-in-JS

A Bit About CSS History

cssFeb 29, 2020

Looking back at the evolution of CSS as one of three cornerstones of world wide web over almost 30 years