Building habits to become a startup founder

January 11, 2017 • ☕️ 1 min read

5 months ago I came up with an idea to build a product called ZukaMe. After 3 months strugling with directions, niches, business models, what to build and how to build, I finally started to develop product on November 1st

It was very intimidating in the beginning but I feel this is the right thing I must do for the rest of my life. I must become a maker, a real maker who creates awesome applications for millions of users

I started to prepare myself ready to become CEO and Founder a ZukaMe company which I’m going to found on next August 2017

  • I started to follow and read every posts of Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, Ev Williams on Medium. I really like Mark’s vision to connect this world. I like the way Ev is building Medium which is so elegant and useful
  • I started to read business books about: How to build a startup, Lean Startup, business models, finding co-founders, raising funds, planning, marketing …
  • I started to watch tech talks on Youtube
  • I started to work early in the morning from 6am to 9am, 6pm to 11pm for this project. I spend almost 80% on building iOS app. I also writing API document, designing system, designing UX & UI, researching technologies