Become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer

This book is a complete guide on how to Become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer which is ideal for indie makers or startup founders who want to build the products on your own.

Coming soon next year

The motivation behind this book is all about my journey since I decided to transform from an iOS developer to a fullstack developer.

This book is being written by only me over a long time; it keeps changing and evolving. It is filled with images and films as well as texts. By floating online, it can grow a bit every day or so, as new things come along and it can be equally accessible all around the world, at any time, for free.

Just like a regular book, this book is divided into chapters: it’s my way of carving up reality and throwing the emphasis on what matters most. I invite you to navigate around all the parts. And use the extensive indexing of pieces to approach issues from different starting points.

I’d love you to read Become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer regularly, to keep checking in and to browse unfamiliar sections.