Become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer

Become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer is an original series where I explain my process and what I've learnt to become a full stack Javascript developer - from motivation to actual building my own product single-handedly.

Cracking the Frontend Interview

Cracking the Frontend Interview is an original series on my preparation for frontend interview, this series acts like my notes and summary on what's really important to tackle the job.

Boring Web Technologies

Boring Web Technologies is an original series where I discuss core foundations of delightful web experiences

  • Part 1: Web Design (upcoming)
  • Part 2: Web Performance (upcoming)
  • Part 3: Web Rendering (upcoming)
  • Part 4: Web Storage (upcoming)
  • Part 5: Web Security (upcoming)
  • Part 6: Web Testing (upcoming)

Start Using Microservices Today

Start Using Microservices Today is an original series on the wave of using Microservices among forward thinking startups, focusing main points to adopt this architecture properly in my next awesome product.

  • Part 1: The Inevitable (upcoming)
  • Part 2: Data Management (upcoming)
  • Part 3: Deployment Strategy (upcoming)
  • Part 4: Testing Strategy (upcoming)
  • Part 5: Communication Style (upcoming)
  • Part 6: Observability (upcoming)

Starting a Technical Blog

Starting a Technical Blog is an original series on how to setup a personal technical blog by yourself from scratch using Gatsby. This series only targets software engineers who can code and want to start a blog on their own.

  • Part 1: The Motivation (upcoming)
  • Part 2: Setup Platform (upcoming)
  • Part 3: Being a Writer (upcoming)
  • Part 4: Promote Content (upcoming)
  • Part 5: Mailing List (upcoming)
  • Part 6: Bigger Things (upcoming)