I often write in-depth original series and publish weekly. The purposes of writing original series are to help me dig deep in particular topics and build quality free courses which you can’t find anywhere.

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These series are being written by only me over a long time; it keeps changing and evolving. I’d love you to read these original series regularly, to keep checking in and to browse unfamiliar series.

Cracking the Frontend Interview

Cracking the Frontend Interview is an original series on my preparation for frontend interview, this series acts like my notes and summary on what's really important to tackle the job.

Become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer

Become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer is an original series where I explain my process and what I learnt to become a fullstack JavaScript developer, from motivation to actual building my own products single-handedly.

You Think You Know CSS

A Developer Lost in Thoughts

The JavaScript Tooling Ecosystem