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What is ABI stability and why does Swift support it?

Jul 05, 2019  •  ios

ABI stability enables OS vendors to embed a Swift Standard Library and runtime in the OS that is compatible with applications built with Swift 5 or later

Swift programming language in depth

Jan 15, 2019  •  ios

Swift is a compiled programming language for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux applications

CocoaPods, Carthage or SwiftPM?

Dec 29, 2018  •  ios

There is always a naive solution is copying the source manually into your project but you only use this in rare situations when you know what you’re doing

iOS at the end of 2018. What next?

Dec 27, 2018  •  ios

I have been enjoying switching all the apps to dark mode just because I feel the future of iOS development is darker than ever before

Great sites for iOS Developers

Mar 17, 2017  •  ios

To get from good to great, I believe we have to constantly learn from others, these are those that contains valuable articles and resources that help us to make the leap