Cracking The Frontend Interview, Part 4: JavaScript

javascriptFeb 08, 2020

JavaScript is the heart of web development, be prepared to be asked multiple confusing advanced concepts about it during frontend interview

A Complete Guide to JavaScript Tooling

javascriptJan 15, 2020

Want to become a productive JavaScript developer? Confused no more with a complete guide to JavaScript tooling systems

What is Tree Shaking?

javascriptJan 01, 2020

Tree shaking is a form of dead code elimination in JavaScript, relies on es6 modules, and implemented in module bundlers

JavaScript Code Linters

javascriptOct 29, 2019

Linters are tools that analyze source code to detect problems based on formatting rules and code quality rules then output as warnings or errors

JavaScript Static Type Checkers

javascriptOct 28, 2019

Using static type checkers like Flow or TypeScript can greatly improve the safety of your JavaScript code

Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript

javascriptOct 25, 2019

On the evolution of asynchronous programming style including callbacks, promises, and async/await

My Top 10 Favorite React Open Source Libraries

reactSep 10, 2019

Create React App, Styled Components, Material UI, Next.js, Gatsby, Typography.js, React Admin, Formik, Enzyme, React Markdown

Become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer, Part 6: The Monorepo

javascriptAug 30, 2019

Many companies are adopting monorepo but the decision to use it or not is quite tricky

Become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer, Part 5: The DevOps

javascriptAug 23, 2019

Minimum technologies to manage own product on private server using containerization

Become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer, Part 4: The Frontend

javascriptAug 17, 2019

Frontend development has been flooded with insane amount of technologies