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A complete guide to Webpack

Mar 26, 2020  •  review

This complete guide explains everything about Webpack, what it is, how it works, how to setup it for both development and production

Is Babel a compiler or transpiler?

Mar 22, 2020  •  review

We all know Babel is used to convert JavaScript code between versions but don't know whether to call it a compiler or transpiler

Ant Design of React

Oct 06, 2019  •  review

An enterprise-class UI design language and React UI library

React-Admin - the best React framework to build dashboard

Oct 04, 2019  •  reviewreact

The best React framework to build admin dashboard which adapts to any backend

Mobile development landscape

Sep 24, 2019  •  review

An overview look at current mobile development landscape including 4 major platforms iOS, Android, Flutter and React Native

Bull - A simple queue system for Node.js

Jul 26, 2019  •  review

Bull is the fastest, most reliable, Redis-based queue for Node. I have been using it for years to handle async jobs and schedule messages

Lerna - the best tool to manage JavaScript monorepo

Jul 21, 2019  •  review

Lerna is a tool that optimizes the workflow around managing multi-package repositories with git and npm

A deep look at Apple developer ecosystem after WWDC 2019

Jun 23, 2019  •  review

I have a tradition to write a review of WWDC event 2 weeks after it happened. As an iOS developer, this event was easily one of the most exciting events of the year to me