Cracking The Frontend Interview, Part 5: React

reactFeb 15, 2020

React is the hottest technology in web development nowadays, working on it is exciting but preparing for interviews is really a pain in the neck

Cracking The Frontend Interview, Part 4: JavaScript

javascriptFeb 08, 2020

JavaScript is the heart of web development, be prepared to be asked multiple confusing advanced concepts about it during frontend interview

Cracking The Frontend Interview, Part 3: CSS

thoughtsOct 22, 2019

An overview look at core CSS topics that help you ace the frontend interview

On Expectation of Technical Blogging

thoughtsOct 08, 2019

Starting a technical blog is easy but maintaining it for a long period of time is a pain in the neck

On temptation of Dark Mode

thoughtsOct 02, 2019

You don't know whether Dark Mode is overhyped or necessary but you know there is a real temptation of adding it to your sites

Imposter syndrome self-diagnosis

thoughtsSep 30, 2019

People say Impostor Syndrome makes you feel like an intellectual fraud. Are you suffering from this phenomenon?

Digital nomad lifestyle of remote web developer

thoughtsSep 29, 2019

The trend of working remotely as web developer while travelling around the world as digital nomad

Cracking The Frontend Interview, Part 2: HTML

thoughtsSep 19, 2019

I discuss some HTML topics like living standard, semantic markup, accessibility, and more

Cracking The Frontend Interview, Part 1: Overview

thoughtsSep 06, 2019

What to focus technically when preparing for the frontend developer interview

Why I always keep at least one active side project

thoughtsAug 22, 2019

At any given time, I have a side project running. It help me to learn new skills, meet new people and provide a different context in which to showcase my strengths