How hard could it be to become an indie maker?

thoughtsJul 07, 2019

Being a maker is all about building something that solves a problem, or brings happiness to other people

Reflections on my second year as an indie maker

thoughtsJun 09, 2019

I wanted to be an indie hacker for multiple reasons but the biggest motivation has always been my passion for building products.

How to become Javascript Fullstack Developer in 2019

thoughtsFeb 28, 2019

If you want to become a Full-Stack Web Developer in 2019 and land your first job, below is a reference guide with a list of things you should learn.

How to become a Software Architect?

thoughtsDec 10, 2018

The process of becoming a software architect does not happen overnight. As a team lead, I realized what to do and how to deal with stress only a year after I was appointed to an official position.

The benefits of blogging

thoughtsDec 09, 2018

While the blogging scene has developed over the last decade, the benefits of blogging are still plentiful.

Top Google's coding competitions you must know

thoughtsOct 10, 2018

Performing well in one of the following Google's competitions is a every good start on the way to get a job at Google

This will make you a minimalist

thoughtsApr 08, 2018

Minimalism is when you use less things to accomplish the same goal. There are many benefits when you become a minimalist.

Why nobody pays attention to your content

thoughtsMar 14, 2018

The truth is, it’s not really about the format of the content as much as it is the quality it provides people.

Bye-Bye stuff, hello minimalism

thoughtsFeb 14, 2018

I came across the theme of minimalism and it caught my attention somehow with its simplicity and cleanness.

Are you truly innovative?

thoughtsJan 15, 2018

Let me explain: you can’t take an existing product or process, “do some innovation” on it, and come out with a better product. Improving a product or process is not innovative. To innovate, you have to start from a completely blank slate.