Today I Learned: Technical Writing

Apr 13, 2020 • ☕️ 1 min read

I’ve been writing blog posts since 2017 but haven’t learned technical writing properly as a writer. Writing online blog is cheap and as easy as writing JavaScript code, it is something you can do everyday but refuse to learn it professionally.

Technical writing comes in many forms (blog, books, tutorials, courses, docs, etc) with different expectations. As a software engineer, I write to learn out loud and build personal brand. As an indie maker, I write to run content marketing.

I know the importance of writing but refused to learn it for so long! The real reason is I didn’t want to define myself as a writer or something similar. But recently I feel so hard to publish high quality content on schedule, I know what I want to write but too painful to put into words.

Reading Paul Graham’s essays makes me feel guilty about my quality. I don’t want to be a popular developer with poor published content. I want to learn writing properly to combine with my technical ability to build the tutorial site

I Learned From:

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