Hoang Nguyen

Mobile Developer - Entrepreneur - Minimalist

Mobile Developer

I’m a professional mobile developer with more than 5 years working with iOS, Android and React Native. I experienced developing both mobile apps and SDKs. I always want to deliver the applications with beautiful design & easy to use in mind.

I also know how to develop backend using Node.js/Go and frontend using React.


I fell in love with startup 2 years ago after watching the Silicon Valley TV series. Since then I’ve joined 2 startups to learn what needed and equip myself necessary skills for this battle.

I decided to quit corporate job on Feb 2018 to focus entirely on my startup journey. That has been a fantastic decision until now when I have a chance to work on my beloved projects and with amazing friends.


I really like minimalism when it helps me to eliminate my discontent, reclaim my time, live in the moment, pursue my passions and focus on my health

By incorporating minimalism into my life, I’ve finally been able to find lasting happiness and that’s what I’m looking for.